woensdag 23 september 2015

like in the old days ...

Last Monday
daughter started a big commission :
paintings on the windows of all the class rooms
of the school her children attend (ed)

It is the same school where I've worked happily 
all the years we lived in this village
untill I retired in '07
Painting on the windows was something I did
when we needed illustrations
for the themes that we were working along in our group
(age 4  - 6)
After I retired my old collegues
asked (on a regular basis) to help out again with it

This summer the school had a major refurbishment :
ALL the windows (and the roof)
were replaced.
That meant of course that all the window paintings
that were still there, were gone !!!

But this time it's the next generation
that is willing to do the (big) work !
(and I'm allowed to help her)

On Monday we started with the outline 
on four windows, today we started in colour.

(and outside the sheep are keeping the grass short !)
(hmmmm ... I hate that colour they chose for the roof
and you can see that not all the windows are there yet ...
neither is the front door !!!)

While daughter had an early start,
I came a bit later and started in the second class room

(the design is inspired by the illustrations of Dagmar Stam
and the drawings I made myself during all those years at school)

At the end of the morning daughter could almost start on the back ground ...

and the little one 
(not at school yet ... for he's only 3 years and 4 months)
loved to be in the classroom, watch the bigger children ...
and his mum painting.

Late in the afternoon we left for today, not yet finished ...

To be continued !

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow! Die Begabung liegt in eurer Familie. Die Kinder werden staunen, wenn sie wieder in ihre Schule kommen.

  2. Sjonge, dat zijn niet zomaar de eerste de beste raam versieringen...
    Wat super geweldig mooi!!! De kinderen en leerkrachten zullen zooooo blij zijn!
    Ook zo leuk dat jullie allemaal zo'n band met de school hebben. Ik vind de kleur van t dak heel mooi, maar niet voor een dak!!! Als je begrijpt wat ik bedoel.... ;-)

  3. You are such a great artist!!! beautiful!!!! Hugs for you!!!

  4. What talent!! And how much fun it must be to paint with your daughter! Such a blessing :)