woensdag 30 september 2015

preparations for October

This last day of September 
makes me look back 
and wonder where all that September went ...
I remember now
and one of the best things was definately that 
big red moon 
that kept me out of bed,
it was fascinating and magical !

This picture hardly shows how wonderful it really was  :-)

But the last day of September also means
that tomorrow is 
and my fifth Blogaversary !

But more important for me is another
Pink Ribbon

Just like last year's October I want to dedicate
a whole month to breast cancer awareness.
This year I will not draw a daily mandala like I did last year
but :
there will be a little felted item you can buy
 and so donate to the Pink Ribbon fund,
money that is needed for research, treatment and aftercare
of breast cancer patients.

You probably now (by now) that felting
is a rather wet business
which means I have to work in advance
to have a new (finished = embroidered) object for each and every day !

So I did some work already
(and have to do that again to keep gettng items ready to finish off !)

(See you tomorrow at the start of
Pink Ribbon October, day 1)

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Happy Blogoversary, Els! Great that you're raising money for breast cancer awareness -- hope you raise tons! Be well. xo

  2. Volg het met aandacht, Els. Mooi initiatief.

  3. Ja, ich erinnere mich und bin gespannt. (Hab leider nicht immer Netz).