woensdag 16 maart 2016

a finished cowl

When I began,
not two weeks ago,
I thought it would take ages
or I wouldn't succeed at all
I finished my tiny petal cowl today !


I didn't have too many more weak spots in the thread
so I didn't have to "mend" the thread.

It's 64 cm (in the round)
and 25 cm high.
I did 16 times the 12 stitch repeat of the pattern
(could have done the 15 I wanted to do originally)
and did the 4 repeats high
(could have done 3 for this smaller cowl)

Despite everything about the quality
of the thread :

A wonderful pattern !

I received my March felting exchange piece

Thanks very much Margriet !!!
The colours go well with my cloths  ;-)

And Wednesday a week ago
we had our mandala group again :
(mother of the sea in Inuit mythology)

16 opmerkingen:

  1. oh, Els....the cowl is beautiful. so glad you persevered. i'll get to that pattern some day.

  2. It's gorgeous Els! It's very you with all the rainbow colours! Love and hugs Nat

  3. Hi, Els. Beautiful cowl! I sent your url to my daughter to be inspired because she is also knitting cowls. I can't believe you belong to a "Stitch n' Bitch" group! I gave my eldest granddaughter two of their books for her birthday last summer and my 8yr old granddaughter chanted "stitch n' bitch" for hours on end because it was legitimate to say the "b" word! Things are looking up on my end...hopefully I will have good news soon and be in Paris...Hope all is well. best, nadia

    1. Thanks Nadia (send you an email) , Kat, Jokke and Gabi ;-)

  4. Very scrumptious - makes me want to get my knitting needles out again :-)

  5. Oj! The cowl looks really wonderful.

  6. Great cowl with such a complicated pattern. My respect!

  7. The mandala is amazing!! And your petal cowl is so beautiful!!!. What a wonderful exchange you have received!! Happy spring!

  8. such a beautiful cowl Els and I agree with you, the colours really are wonderful.

  9. Thanks Mo, Karen and Silvina
    ... and happy autumn Mo and Silvina ;-)