vrijdag 30 september 2016

preparations ...

September sped past
though I very much enjoyed the lots of sunshine.
The garden was my place for most of the time.
Stitching, reading and also 
the necessary working, to remove
part of the jungle that formed during the wet summer
and the warm "Indian Summer" that followed.

Because I accidentally found out
that there was a walnut tree, very close by, that was being pruned
I gave the dying with natural materials
another go.
(I must confess I'm NOT very good at it ...)

Hmmmm ... the bundles looked very promising,
the pans were a long time on the stove,
and wool had to be washed too
no spiffy results to show

Furthermore I'm preparing more pieces to stitch,
and, most importantly,
preparing for what comes next month :
October = Pink Ribbon month for me !

I've been thinking long about what to make this time.
I don't want to repeat myself,
but finding something that can be made in a day
ánd sells (because that is essential !)
and can easily be sent in an envelope
something textile
that's for sure !!!

ehhhh ..... 


you really have to wait till tomorrow 


2 opmerkingen:

  1. it's already tomorrow here in the Land Down Under with a wild windy but warm sunny day

    1. Ahhhh yes Mo, we're always running late compared to you ;-)
      Must be good turning to spring there !