donderdag 1 september 2016

September ?

Oh my, September already indeed !
Not much stitching was done after
"Vincent's Cat" was finished.
(that's the way it is with me :
I need some time-out before I can start
on something new ...)

Though I've been doing the "Dong"
folded good-luck charms
(I need a lot of them)
so busy with that.

Ien  Rappoldt's little booklet

 (so far 38)

Another one nearly finished.

This one close up.

It is fun finding new ways of wrapping them
.... uhmm ....
kind of addictive !

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Thanks for visiting.You are keeping busy. I am envious of the trip to the paper exhibition.

  2. That looks complicated, istn´t it! But really beautiful.

  3. love the colours and patterns in your variations

  4. Doris, it's not thát difficult, the explanation is in the booklet I bought.
    Lots of leftovers (knitting cotton) and you get more clever every time you make one, Mo.
    Thanks Connie !

  5. How do you make them? I am interested. xo