woensdag 31 mei 2017

last May day ...

What a wonderful garden-month it was.
One kind of flowers succeeding the next.
Lots of colours.

Ornithogalum magnum.

And in the water :
tiny white ships, huddled together for safety.

That wonderful water tank I bought for spraying
big felting projects, was fun to play with
in the sunny garden too :

not helping with felting this time,
but watering the plants ...

I'm still working for the market on next Monday
(Pentecost) in Ouwerkerk  (Zeeland)

The necklaces are slowly emerging
out of all the different elements that are gathered on the table.
Lots of choices to be made, colours to combine ...

Will it be like that ?

No ... like this !

There was some funny fabric for ages 
(yes, at least 35 years ...) in my stash
that caught my eye :

it would be just suited for little "project-bags"

like this.

just big enough for a 100 grams ball, for new socks (?) 
Even a sock needles-safety-pouch could fit in.
Even a loop to hang it on your chair or arm !
HA !
No cat would find and play with your precious yarn !!!

Hope to see some of you on Monday
in Ouwerkerk !

Bigger even than last year
and we're hoping for the same sunny weather !
(free entrance !)

18 opmerkingen:

  1. Liebe Els, so gerne würde ich am Montag bei dir vorbeischauen - aber es ist zu weit. Wunderschöne Blüten hast Du in Deinem Garten, so wilde Schönheiten.
    Viel Erfolg auf Deinem Markt!
    Liebe Grüße

    1. ((Heidi)) das ist tatsächlich ein bisschen ZU weit für dich ! Und danke, ich hoffe es wird schön sein am Montag !
      Ich liebe die Englische Gärten ... und Platz für Grass hab ich sowieso nicht ...
      (noch etwas Geduld mit der Post ...)

  2. your garden has all my favourite flowers in it Els - hope the market goes well on Monday :-)

    1. Thanks Kat ! English gardens are my inspiration ;-)

  3. Wat een kleurenpracht. Kan me voorstellen hoe je daarvan geniet en het je inspireert. Succes Maandag. Helaas veel te ver weg voor mij.

    1. Mei is altijd zo'n echte "bloeimaand"!!!
      (heb net armenvol uitgebloeide alliums verwijderd : ze hoeven niet verder uit te zaaien, ze nemen de boel bijna over !!!)
      Ha,ha, ja, TE ver !

  4. Wat heb jij een prachtige tuin !!! Om jaloers op te zijn ...

    1. Dankjewel Els Ha,ha,ha wel toevallig al die Elzen ...!
      (stuur me even een gewoon mailtje ...)

  5. what is that magenta & white flower? I have never seen that... the one just above the baby ducks or are they baby swans? good luck with your market your jewelry is beautiful!

    1. That's the Astrantia major, Mo. They normally come in white(ish) or pink but these are beautiful dark red (this one is of a Dutch nursery, I think it was called "Ruby Wedding" ...)

    2. ah! thank you it's beautiful & is grown here in Australia in the very cool climate of Southern Tasmania!

    3. So not in your hot spot ... pity !
      (but you have other beauties ;-) !)

  6. hoi Els, ik heb genoten van het bijlezen.......schoonheid in kunst en tuin


    1. Je bent altijd welkom, meid !
      Geniet van de zon !
      (letterlijk of figuurlijk !)

  7. What a beautiful garden and beautiful sewing xxx

  8. your little helper looks like he is enjoying himself :)

    1. (I bought this spray pump for the bigger felting projects, but he LOVES watering the plants with it ;-) ... and he's busy for a looooong time)