vrijdag 20 november 2020

giveaway at last

I already said
that November is slow for me
but now I'm picking up the pace again !

The last Stitch Club workshop
by Ali Ferguson
who told us (in her wonderful Scottish accent) how to make a book from scratch.
(I'm busy, but am not able to show anything : gifts in the making)

I also knitted socks as a present for a dear old friend
(and she doesn't know yet . . .)

And at last there was time to work on the


Ten years of blogging went by
but I had to postpone this celebration
because I was simply TOO busy
with my Textile Jewels for Pink Ribbon.

It all started (after reading / following lots of blogs about art and stitching)
with a leap of faith to participate in Jude Hill's online class
"Patchwork Beasts"
Someone in that wonderful stitching community convinced me
that blogging was easy-peasy . . .
(and the rest is history !)

"Stitching is done with the heart"
(+/-  7 x 24 cm)

   the start                    and                 finished        

There are hearts, one with an indigo dyed striped moon,
on a piece of break-down-printed sturdy cotton,
rainbow kantha stitched,
and a bit of my "magic thread".
You can probably understand why I had to "borrow"
Jude's black-and-white nine patch :
she is the source !

Jude !

If you want to participate in this fun play
please leave a message in the comments.
I will be drawing a "winner"
in about ten days.

Happy stitching to you all !

6 opmerkingen:

  1. (((Els))) congratulations on 10 years of sharing your beautiful art!

  2. hallo Els ,het is fijn vertoeven op jouw kleurrijke blog ,

  3. Els it is so wonderful that you have stayed blogging all of these years and I stopped several years back after my mom died. But I do miss the public journaling quality of it. Congrats on all the beautiful work that you have shared over this time! It's all so good and you have so much talent. Love to you ...

  4. Hallo Els, Gratulation zu 10 Jahren wunderschöner Kunst.Ich halte Deine kleinen Kostbarkeiten in Ehren und freue mich bei jedem Tragen. Du bist eine Künstlerin.
    Bleib gesund in diesen seltsamen Tagen.
    Lieben Gruß Elke

  5. Els~ 10 years! Congrats! I too was encouraged by Jude and the many ragmates. Your cloth here reminds me of her hearts workshop (my first). Your work is always so colorful and full of fun! no matter how happy this one looks, I'll sit out and let someone else have a turn, since I won one of your giveaways, way back. It hangs above my desk. I often look at it while reading in bed :)

    1. Thanks Nancy ! Yes our ragmates did good ! I don't have a middle name but if I had it would surely be "colour" hahaha !
      Yours is hanging next to the phone (landline still) Love from here and stay safe !