zondag 1 november 2020

don't forget . . . . .

Tomorrow a lot of Pink Ribbon Jewels
will go in the mail.
They go to their new owners.
I think they will be happy :
as the "real thing"
is  always  better  than the picture !

there are still two lovely ones
that need to go to a new home too !

NO :

This one is SOLD too   ;-) 

This one is SOLD !

Two more options
to increase the amount of money
that I can transfer to  PINK  RIBBON  !

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Îmi plac tare mult bijuteriile tale, Els. Te felicit pentru creativitatea ta. Gânduri bune, Carmina.

    1. Thank you Carmina ! It was fun to make them and I'm glad so many donated for this important cause ;-)