maandag 7 februari 2022

sequins ?

 When I read that the next
STITCH CLUB workshop
was about making your own sequins
I was delighted
(because I must confess : I'm kind of a magpie  :-)  !)

Though Jessica Grady
came up with something quite different than I thought
it was really fun thing to explore
her way to work.

Sequins made out of paper, card, fabric of plastic
but just fun to use.
Most times I leave a bit of time to think things over
before I start collecting my materials.
Bur when I remembered the really FUN inside
of the vegan chocolate wrapping
things got started easy enough>
(Mmmmmmm the best ever vegan chocolate made in Holland !)
A washing-machine-felted old Benetton sweater
proved to be a wonderful background.

at the left the chocolate wrapping !

(the wooden box that I had at the end
of our FUN "Sinterklaas-game" came in handy)

Finished !

I plan to keep de seeds in I always collect from the garden . . .

The seeds of the (now flowering) Aconites
might be the first to go in !

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Beautiful, and these green flowers in my country are Cieszyn. It grows only in Cieszyn Silesia
    Have a nice day

    1. Thank you !
      There they are probably wild flowers . . . here they are little bulbs in our garden :-) They show their little yellow heads in January !

  2. What a scrumptious little box to keep seeds in. I love all the things you've used for the embroidery on top, and you've reminded me what those pretty little yellow flowers are; I must see if I can find some for our garden.
    I do also sympathise with you for the great hardship you must have gone through to eat that chocolate, just so you could use the wrapper. Oh the sacrifices we make for our art ;-)

    1. ((Kat)) it was so much fun to see what simple things you can use to make "sequins" really endless possibilities for material. form, and ways to stitch them !
      No Kat, in fact is daughter the one who HAS to eat that vegan chocolate :-D (it is hard enough to find really appetizing sweets without milk/ butter/ eggs, though she's a good baker and has found many recipes online, but this chocolate is a treat !!!)