vrijdag 8 april 2022

a rose is a rose . . .

A lot has been going on in Stitch Club
For the last workshop by Cathy Brickhill
a working sewing machine was needed . . .
and mine
came home from the repair shop :
My dear Pfaff 2058 needed a new computer circuit
but sadly, that is no longer available . . .
So there was nothing for it than buying a new machine !!!
There wasn't that much money to spend
for a machine that would be the twin of my old one,
so, several steps back.
But now I'm playing again, on a new Pfaff 610.

Certain things have changed in the build of the machine
and I must say not all changes are improvements !!!
But there is nothing I can do about thát,
so getting used to it is the best option !

Cathy's workshop was free motion stitching
with the use of water soluble stabilizer.
I've used that a lot before
but it is always nice to see what other people do !

So the new embroidery foot on the machine and feed dogs down !!!

The finished rose 

The next flower has more petals !

the front and the back of the finished brooch.

A pansy from the garden was a nice start.

In fact those two flowers were NOT the very first thing I did
because at the start of the workshop there still wasn't a machine !

That's why I gave hand stitching on water soluble a go !!!

In fact this is a bit "harder"
because with a machine you have two threads
that are knotted while sewing.
But with the hand stitching I had to be vary careful
to stitch through the previous stitches :
otherwise you end up with just a tangle of threads !!!
(I used "random cross stitch"
just like I did in the Tiny Portrait. workshop
by Sharon Peoples)

(against the light)

Ha, there were several members of SC
that were happy they could do this workshop in hand stitch

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