zaterdag 23 april 2022

one leaving the nest . . .

The eldest of our grandchildren
is leaving the nest !

(ohhhh I remember that day when daughter
went to live on her own in the big city !)

On the evening of my birthday
she went to Leiden with her friend
to view an apartment . . .
That is a difficult job in Holland :
there is a serious shortage of affordable housing !

It must have been a really lucky day,
because later she called that they had it !!!

That asked for something special :
I followed the lead of my dear friend Hazel
and stitched a tiny house for them
that I gave on Easter Monday.

First dreaming of a house
and now on cloud 9 that they found one !!!

They got the key on
22 - 4 - '22
We wish them happy times there !

Of course there were EGGS on that day too
(and it doesn't matter how old you are !)


12 opmerkingen:

  1. (((Els))) affordable housing is a worldwide issue, so good that your granddaughter found her new digs in one day!

    1. Really ??? They tried several times before, but this was through someone they knew . . .
      And you found a gorgeous place too ((Mo)) All the best there !

  2. a beautiful cloth to hold the memory of this day

    1. Thanks Liz ! It is such fun to have some dear memory in stitch :-)

  3. They somehow find refuge and create such beautiful living. My oldest grandchild turn 25 yesterday. She is saving to return to the UK from US for a Masters In Art soon. Too far from me but joy in it.

    1. Well we try to give them wings (and roots) :-) so flying away is what they do

  4. Oh, this is a wonderful sweet home that you've made! A treasured gift, I'm sure. Especially love the clouds and rainbow stars. And a belated very happy birthday to you! Wishing you a beautiful new year, oxo.

    1. ((Hazel)) I owe you :-) Haha, the rainbow stars (of course) : I unraveled a longtime thread nest and made neat braids so just picking from them ;-) And thanks, I plan to make it another creative year !

  5. a lovely little house for your grand daughter Els. happy spring xox

    1. Thanks Judy, they've moved in and we hope to visit in a week or two :-) (hope spring arrives soon over there too !)

  6. This is wonderful news! And such a treasure to celebrate the moment! Best wishes for her in her new home.