zondag 14 augustus 2022


After an early start
we had more than enough time in Zeist
to prepare and place all my items on the stall.
We were some of the very lucky ones
to have a place under the trees with lots of shade !
(and Man was very glad that the parking garage
was just next to the park where the market is held :
no long walk back and no car in full sunshine !)

everything ready to GO

Early that morning I was still afraid
that people might decide against a visit
because of the extreme hot weather . . . but
it turned out that many visitors made an early start,
and they even kept coming during the rest of the day too.

What I love most
(apart from selling my art of course)
are the many lovely chats with all the visitors
that are interested in how things are being made.
It was fun to see familiar faces too.

So many different ways people decide
if and what
to buy !
I KNOW you can spend your money only once !
Some people know it right away
and some need "to think about it"
(there are choices to be made !)
It is so rewarding when they do come back
(and even decide then : to take móre than one !!!)

And I love the "stories"

This fish for example, was to be a present for a dear aunt
who has a "sea" - theme for "the smallest room" in the house !

This belt pouch was seen and snatched up right away !

So many lovely customers !!!
I wish them years of pleasure with the items they bought !


A FUN day with lots of music too !

"the Nightingales" two great singers and sisters
(nót the British punk rock-band :
their Dutch name IS Nightingale  :-)  !)

And now back to some felting and stitching
for Stitch Club and for the next market in September !

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