donderdag 29 februari 2024

leap day giveaway

Not just another extra day
. . . . .
Congratulations to all those people
that have this special day for a birthday,
not growing older as fast as all the others do !

Is that sad or not ?
Well, I think all of them celebrate their day :
either on the 28th of February or the fist of March . . .

Special days appeal to me
so like other times, I thought I should celebrate it
(not only for those people that are born on the 29th
but for all of you who likes to visit my blog !!!)

I drew a mandala on 300 grams water colour paper
24 x 18 cm, the mandala itself 12 cm diameter

You can tell here (or oo Insta) that you would like to have it
and in about two weeks time
a raffle will decide who wins it.

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