zondag 18 februari 2024

spring design

I think the second workshop in early STITCH CLUB days was that by
Merill Comeau
and I did love that one very much !
No wonder I was quite HAPPY to "see" her again
three weeks ago !!!
She introduced a fun way to start a(ny) project
but I was very sure I knew already what my design would be :


In our garden there were lots of aconites
showing their yellow heads
and the snowdrops were not far behind either.

Apart from using the "normal" fabrics, Merill urged us to paint our own
and also use homemade stamps on them.
However, the downside of that is that you have to stitch
through quite hardened fabric.
(and arthritis hands don't like that very much!)

Hmmmm . . . and working on a big scale doesn't help either,
but now I'm very happy with the finished piece !

the start with some stamps

the first lay out

and choosing more colours

Taking TARLATAN as backing  (because my all time favorite
Dutch textile artist Leslie Gabriëlse does that too !)

Slowly going, first with lots and lots of pins !!!

And after many hours of stitching
(and breaks in between !)
I finished it !

(hmmmm . . . the video doesn't want to load)

4 opmerkingen:

  1. (((Els))) love seeing your beautiful garden and stitching into Spring!

    1. Thanks ((Mo)) now the crocuses are taking over the yellow of the aconites . . .

  2. Els~ Your stitched garden is beautiful and a testimony to your patience and determination! Wonderful ❤️

    1. ((Nancy)) it is sooo nice to keep a bit of spring "forever"