woensdag 22 mei 2024

pieces finished

 The little flower piece of the last post
wasn't quite finished,
the stitching was done
but it was still "only" a piece of fabric.
On my own wall I don't think that's a problem, in fact I LIKE it that way
But when I want to take it to an Art Market
I like to take it attached to a canvas.

For that I first have to paint the canvas before attaching my stitched piece to it.

I always try to reproduce the colours
that are on the edges as good as I can . . .
(and . . . to do that, I have to be very careful
NOT the make any smudges on the piece itself :
I aaaaalways have paint on my hands too !!!)

With the paint out, it was a good time
to paint some smaller ones
for pieces that have been waiting since last year.

The next step is to stitch the two pieces invisibly together,
a fiddly but necessary bit.

Yippeee, now I have four more pieces
to accompany me to the Art Markets this summer !

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