donderdag 4 juli 2024


 I LOVE the flowers in my garden
and drawing and painting them is one of my favorite things.

Since the Stitch Club workshop by Merill Comeau
(years back already)
I started making flowers in cloth too.

There are many members in the Papaver family and I've had big ones in the garden.
But the "ordinary" ones (Corn Poppy) the ones that grow at the roadside,
are very special in my eyes :
I love it when these bright splashes of colour appear !!!
So, good for another flower-piece !!!


It took me about two weeks of stitching
from the beginning to the end.

After the background was stitched in place it was time for "red"
The poppies changed place many times.

Lots of tiny strips and pieces and many pins !

Some details of the finished piece

These poppies will last a bit longer than the real ones :
I would love to have them in a vase
but they drop their delicate leaves as soon as you pick them.

My next step will be painting a 30 x 40 cm canvas
so the edges will look nice when it is attached to it !

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