zondag 20 maart 2011

an experience

Yesterday we went to the Spring fair
for which daughter and me worked so hard the last few weeks.

It really was a springy day with sunny weather
though still a bit cold
we had a table inside the building so we only saw sunshine.

But ...
there where very few people visiting
so we sold only a few items from our little "felt shop" 

Although we met and spoke to
some very nice people ! 
We gave our cards
and there might be some new customers
for a felt workshop.

( We had our table next the "chocolate" people
their son has a small company that makes
the most mmmmmmmmm delicious bonbons :
 well ..... ofcourse we tasted them ! )

Well we learned a great deal from this Spring fair experience.
You must be better prepared what kind of people you can expect
( stall holders and public )
before you "jump in"
Also the planning and preparing beforehand
takes a lot of time and thinking.
That doesn't mean we're sorry we did it : oh no !
Now we have a nice starting point for the next one ...
We are not supposed to earn a living selling our felt products
( only think of the time it takes, making these items )
but this way we might  extend, invest and grow in this
technique we both so love.

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  1. You have a good perspective on your experience, Els - Selling our work is not why we make art, nor is the worth of our art measurable by whether it sells or not.