dinsdag 29 maart 2011

new beginnings

Although March is nearly over
I'm starting with a new felt / fabric
at last
I chose one of my felted pieces :
the green-brown one seemed appropriate to me
for spring

and .... yes
I cut some holes in it !

In the garden there are also
many new beginnings
with the warm weather of the last few days.


Fritellaria meleagris

....something new ....

and something old ...
( this reminds me very much of the dyed silk ribbons
Glennis makes )

3 opmerkingen:

  1. i see kings and queens in your new piece. a royal piece it will be.

  2. OH Felting! that is what I want to learn more, I tried doing some on the new Felting machine and loved it. Hosta is the only plant I know but i like Alchemilla, is this a "sedum" plant?

  3. Are these crowns, or are they mountains....I love this new spring piece and cant wait to see more.

    Lucky you finding some KF cloud fabric. I have some in my stash too...very precious.

    Your plants are amazing...

    Jacky xox