zondag 27 maart 2011

lost .... and found

Last Friday daughter and I went to our special day out :
Textiel Plus dag
in Deventer,
a textile lovers Fair
organized by the Dutch magazine "Textiel-Plus"
That's where we always get a lot of inspiration and supplies.
We parked at the other side of the river
and took the little ferry-boat across to the city centre,
there we waited for another friend who lives
more in that neighbourhood.

All of a sudden I realized I had lost my newly made pendant :
only the string was left .... !
I walked back all the way to the ferry ...
but did not find it ... I truely hope that whoever
found it will enjoy wearing it
( I learned one thing :
to attach the string better next time ! )

On the Fair we spoke with people we met before or did workshops with 
and we bought some lovely stuff !
hand dyed wool from "Moeder Aarde"

needle felt, and lots of cotton scrim and silk for dyeing

a bunch of old fabrics
and some Kaffe Fassett's
At last : "clouds" by Kaffe is just like
the Indonesian batik "clouds" Jude is often using !
I'm very happy with it.
After a cup of tea we said goodbye to our friend and drove home :
a day well spend !!!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Someone just won the lottery with finding that beautiful pendant.

    What a great haul! I'm a bit jealous since they moved the huge IQA quilt show from Chicago to Cincinatti this year, and I'm not attending. But sometimes I need to work with what I have. (Don't pity me, I have more than I can use in a lifetime already.)

  2. Oh, how lucky to spend such a day with you daughter! I love your finds - beautiful materials for your art.