woensdag 29 februari 2012

giving away a one-day-leap

This is a extra special extra day !

When you are born on this date you don't age as quickly
as áll the other people.

You might be a teenager of 15
and not look a bit like the 60 years they say you are ...

When I was very young ,
the boy next-door, my brother's friend,
had his birthday on the 29 th of February,
and I didn't understand why they said he was only three years old ...

A special leap year day calls for something special

I made a mandala for those who have only one birthday
every four years
(the paper is a bit darker blue than on this photo)

I started with the bright part on the top,
then came the dark part with the moon

Then the owl, the rabbit and the cat got their place in the other hearts.

So :
 if you think that you (or someone you like) deserve this special day
please send me a comment why you think so
and you might be the lucky one !

( ... it doesn't have to be your birthday ... )

11 opmerkingen:

  1. Dein Herzenbild ist wunderschön geworden. Liebe Grüße von Ate

  2. what a special birthday you have. all the best!

  3. I do not have this day as my birthday, I just wanted to say how beautiful this piece of art is. Reminded me a bit of children's author/illustrator Jan Brett.

    Beautiful gift for someone. Hope you enjoyed Leap Day!

  4. Happy Leap Day, Els - It was a very special day for little dog Flossy, who specializes in leaping Everyday! Your drawing is delightful - I love the animals you included and the rainbow colors (of course). love, sus

  5. schrikkeldeschrikkelde schrikschrikschrik

    ik geloof dat ik weer terug ben...

  6. Just wanted to say I love your mandala, it's beautiful and does look like an illustration for a children's book cover. Janice x

  7. Beautiful picture...:)

    I love the sleeping cat it just looks like my cat...:)

  8. Just gorgeous! My favourite animals as well, with the cat doing just what my cat does all day!

  9. I wish I could express how beautiful the mandala is, but words fail me. I hope your Leap Day was extra special and in this leap year, all your dreams come true.

  10. i'm not a leap day/year birthday person. i was born on the 24th, of february, but i'm not sure if it was on a leap year.

  11. love love love your work. It looks especially stunning on the dark paper. I am not a leap day birthday (I am an almost christmas one).