zaterdag 4 februari 2012

winter ... and alpacas

At last :
WINTER decided not to move on unnoticed ! 
It's freezing up to minus 20 C
and we had a few centimetres of snow yesterday.
But ... we aren't used to that !
So that kind of weather brings on a lot of trouble in our small country :
lots of people got stuck in their cars in endless traffic jams ...
busses and trains that didn't go on time
( or at all ) ...
central heating that failed ...
in one word : "chaos"

But also this kind of weather starts another frenzy :
ice skating !
Holland has so much water in ditches, little canals and lakes
that, when all thát freezes over,
everyone, young or old, wants to be on the ice !!!
Many people are even having high hopes for the "monster-race"
of 200 km in the North of the country, in Friesland ...

This morning the white frost and a clear blue sky
gave us the most wonderful "fairy" world to look at and enjoy !

(this spider wasn't home anyway ...)



For our "normal" Stitch'nBitch outing daughter and I go to Rotterdam,
but this time we went to a new place in the next village

The friendly hostess (owner of the Alpacas)
had a cosy room (and yarn shop) in the cellar of a little house
where we met some new knitting and spinning friends !
They come together every first Saturday of the month.
It was fun :
we'll be back, that's for sure !

(We didn't séé the alpacas, but next time, we'll take a closer look !
and ..... alpacas have loooooovely soft wool !!!)

9 opmerkingen:

  1. So beautiful - but also, some of it sounds scary. The unstable climate is not going to get better, I fear. xo

  2. Now that is a winter beautiful and pristine. Will you go ice skating too? Have fun, I love how everyone still gets out and about in the freezing weather (I've never experienced weather below 9 - 10 degrees just can imagine the coldness)
    The alpaca farm sounds lovely...I hear they are lovely, gentle animals. Lucky they have those warm and woolly coats.
    Thinking of you, stay safe!

  3. Winter Wonderland was my first reaction. Hope that you managed to stay safe and warm

  4. beautiful! (did you wear one of your colorful hats with all that white?) I wish you a nice (and warm) Sunday evening!

  5. Absolutely beautiful! I am always amazed at how much weight tree branches can bear...all that snow is HEAVY. And, I too love alpaca. A wonderful friend just gave me some fleece. As soon as it warms up i will take it out and clean it. This summer will find me on the front porch spinning it up.

  6. Oh, magic spider web! don't you love how frost dresses up the world - xxoo, sus

  7. no winter here, not a flake of snow or a hint of ice....

  8. Beautiful snow photos. I love the photo of the spider web...that is a prize winning one.
    I live not too far from where Jude lives. I keep hoping for a little snow, just enough to make everything beautiful.

  9. Your snow pictures are fantastic and the trees look magical!
    Snow is beautiful, but you are right, it can cause so many problems on the roads and my heating broke down the other day. My house was freezing!
    It was not fun while I was waiting for it to get fixed!
    Anyway, thank you for a lovely post and thanks for visiting my place.
    Best wishes,