zondag 26 februari 2012

Happy birthday !

The fun of blogland is making friends.
Most of the time those friends live fáááár away,
but being on the net, brings them quite close to you.

I happen to know that my dear friend Sus
has her birthday today

Well, I knów: you can find special e-cards on the net,
but for this friend I thought it was more appropriate
to make one myself

( a bit of you and a bit of me blended together )

I wish you on this Sunday a lot of sun and warmth
 on your still rather cold island
( and all the best for at least 40 years more ! )


 On the knitting front all goes well with my little squares
it is really fun to do:
never more than 27 stitches on the needle
and decreasing 2 (in the midle) every second needle
up till only one stitch is left.
Then, I can choose another "second" colour
Fun !
And some days ago Sus gave me the
"Liebster Blog" award
( ofcourse I don't know how to tranfer the logo to here
but that doesn't matter )
I'm honoured other people think it's fun to visit me here,
like I'm inspired too by a lot of people in "Blogland"

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  1. Thank you so much, Els for making my birthday extra special - I visited early this morning and was so pleased with my 'surprise party' at Fiberrainbow. I love this mandala of you and I! love, sus