woensdag 25 juli 2012

lush green

Weeks and weeks of rainy weather
were good for the garden,
the last two weeks no difference for that matter.
Now we have steaming hot weather all of a sudden.
(yes, it's all or nothing)

No wonder the garden looks lush and green with all the water it got :
there's a lot to be done in fact !
But for thát the temperature isn't right ...
so I only took some pictures

amazing all these different kinds of flowers

My new felted cat made friends with the residents here,

they get along great, as I see it
For years and years I collected ladybugs,
usually I brought them along from holidays.
In the end I had lots of them
and they were everywere in the house.
(but then : ladybugs are quit small)
When we moved to thís house, almost sixteen years ago now,
I made some shelves in the toilet, and they all had a nice place ...
and I had the funniest loo in the whole village
(at least that's what I think)
But when we renovated the toilet my ladybugs disappeared
(in a way : they're still in their box)
But in Deventer I spotted a giant ladybug
and my dear M bought it for me !!!
Now it has found a wonderful place to hang ... in the living room

(ha, it dwarfs my "Naga" dragon from Bali)

When you pull the string
it really flies !

3 opmerkingen:

  1. It looks to be very charming over at your house! And such beautiful flowers too :)

  2. So very lush, Els! I love the new bug - best best wishes, sus

  3. I love seeing pictures of your garden, Els! Your pictures and descriptions always remind me to stop and enjoy! And your stroies about your little companions both past and present make me smile- a little whimsy is a healthy thing for us all! Thank you for your post- it made me happy to read it! xo Fiona