donderdag 5 juli 2012


We didn't have many long hot summer days,
June was way too wet
and what July will bring ?

With all my being "baby-busy"
I didn't spent much time working in the garden,
and that is clearly visible :
some places look like a jungle.
I don't mind really, 
I love it when seedlings pop up where they want to.

The watercourse next to our garden
is one of the best (extra) "features" :
always things to see in and on the water.

..... mum swan with her only little one,
paddling with only one leg, the other one on it's back

..... and every now and then
this funny cleaning vessel passes
in order to keep this little canal open enough
for the drainage of too much water.
You might not know : but we live below sea level (and also river level) 

Must show a few of my favourites in the garden at the moment


mmmm, just like a fluffy cotton candy


a beauty : delicate but straight up

Finally I owed a felt result photo :

granddaughters little pouch
not for a telephone, but sun glasses

8 opmerkingen:

  1. That is a very fine jungle!
    And I am inspired by the sunglasses pretty.

  2. Your water course always fascinates me - imagine having swan neighbors! The florals are breathtaking. xxoo, sus

  3. All so pretty, especially the Philipendula!

  4. your area looks enchanted!! thanks for stopping by my little blog and for the birthday well-wishes... so glad to have found you!

  5. What a gorgeous setting Els- so tranquil! And those two plants are amongst my favourites...I had them in my old garden...Maybe I need a trip to the garden centre! I think so....Thank you for the beautiful view into your environment! We're having summer here finally- and full on! So hot! Hope you get some there too! xo Fiona

  6. Wow its so green and beautiful...:) We had a wet summer over here last summer too.
    I love the Philipendula, dose it have a strong fragrance?

  7. Wat een pracht is jouw tuin! heerlijk om in bij te komen als je wat vermoeid bent van het zorgen voor de baby en jouw dochter.

  8. it looks like a garden in paradise...beautiful...the Philipendula is spectacular...a friend used to have a plant in her garden in Durban but it never looked like yours...perhaps too hot in Durban...