zondag 17 maart 2013


I can hardly realize 
that it's already
39 years 
ago that our dearest was born
time flies
Still so happy she's around  !
Now she herself is a proud mother of three 
We had a fun day with lots of nice people

Normally we measure the time of her birthday 
in the start of the daffodils blooming
alas : all still very green !
(or maybe some tiny specks of yellow on a warm south facing spot,
the photo is last year's)

After the first very warm bit of spring two weeks ago
the winter cold came back

But ... I was lucky to get some flowering branch from a friend
so there still is the beginning of spring inside


Now that it's almost Easter
my old colleagues from school come to borrow my hand puppets 

This bunch will be ready to perform in the puppet-show

(still have to locate the spring fairy ...
in another box probably ...)

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Please extend happy birthday greetings to you dear girl for me. Daughters are so precious, no matter what age! Glad you have some spring indoors - the branch is a beautiful promise.
    Xxoo, sus

  2. I love my sons, Els, and my daughters-in-law, but I do envy my friends their daughters! I hope it was a lovely celebratory day for everyone.

    Yes, the weather has not been kind to the poor spring flowers who thought it was time to bloom! We had the same here. Never mind, this cold can't last for ever .....surely? Lx

  3. Happy birthday to your daughter.

    Your Magnolia is beautiful :)

  4. Gefeliciteerd! We zijn van hetzelfde bouwjaar...;-)
    Wat ontzettend mooi die magnolia!

  5. Where did you find spring ???? I´m longing for it....
    Yes daughters are so special at every age. I know these proud mom feelings...