maandag 4 maart 2013

what a day !

What a beautiful day :
and tomorrow will be even better !

Doesn't this makes you cheerful ???

The weather was so warm it was great to knit a bit 
sitting in the doorway !

I made a headband of the leftovers 
of my double knitted scarf.

Now there are only really tiny bits left 
of the two Noro Kureyon Sock skeins !!!
(these bits I removed from in between  
so the combination of the front and back colours would be better)

So now all is finished and I will write the pattern I made
on Ravelry

3 opmerkingen:

  1. we've had 2 beautiful spring like days here in Austin but tomorrow is predicted to be cold again. i kind of like the variety.

  2. Spring is in the air here too, Els - bright sunshine all day and really not at all too cold. Tonight, stars spangle our sky. love, sus

  3. Beautiful headband. Clever clever thing to do to match your gorgeous scarf. Ta for showing. Cheers. Loani