woensdag 20 maart 2013

stitching boro

I think the title of the last post 
was a bit misleading :
I didn't mean to say that 
"boro is boring"

Oh no, on the contrary, I would rather say that
stitching boro is fun !

stitching has begun 

The jacket (of an expensive brand) which I bought during sale at the end of a season,
is very well made.
Before I started pinning pieces to the jacket
I undid the bottom seam of the lining.
Then I put a magazine inside so I won't get through and through
when pinning or stitching my dear scraps.

There is some wonderful original 
"Einbecker Blaudruck"
which I bought years ago when on holiday in Germany.
This Wittram family handprinting business 
uses the same old woodblocks 
that are in the family for hundreds of years !

I often took it in my hands, admired it, and put it back in the drawer,
but now there is a long strip of it all along the backside 
and another pattern, with much bigger flowers on it, at the bottom.
Ha, and when I was glue-stitching it I saw the 
eyes !

you will see them more clearly when móre stitching is done

The inchies, leftovers of some other project and some biscornu's
have found their place next to the entrance of the pocket. 

it really is fun.
(much like brighten up your old jeans in the 70's)

4 opmerkingen:

  1. What fun BORO jacket. Enjoy the stitching part of it - Hugs Nat

  2. Oh I am watching with GREAT interest, Els! I have selected my jacket (about 20 years old but a great shape!) And when I can face the chaos that is my sewing room I shall go and selct soem of the gorgeous fabric in there. Can't decide between using up my indigo and Japanese scraps - in keeping with the Boro, or some of the very bright and patterned African fabrics I have collected. Hmmm, decisions decisions! Lx

  3. Hi dear Els, yes moving is hard work, boxes of my stuff is still not unpacked, exciting jacket you are sewing on, wish you a Happy Easter.
    Hugs Anni