donderdag 19 september 2013

a rainbow

make me happy

I love the sun
love the rain 
(a little less, but where would this planet be without it !)
and together they give a rainbow
if you're lucky enough to see it !

I read somewhere :

Work isn't going anywhere when you show the rainbow to a child,
but ..... the rainbow doesn't wait till you're finished !

Today I drove an hour by car
to visit someone I met in Blog-land.
She once said to me she liked my garden ..... ;-)
During this growing season I saved for her : bulbs, seeds,
parts of plants that had grown too big for my garden,
and some days ago I sent her an e-mail to meet up.
So in my car were two crates with all the plants I had 
for the garden of their new home.

I arrived just at coffee time,
she opened the door
and then soon  :
We had coffee ... and talked
we had lunch ... and talked 
her son came home from school
(o my, thát late already ?)
and we talked some more
In the end we just had time to unload the plants from the car
and take a walk in the garden.
Today was a rainbow day : I made a new real-life friend !
Thanks Mirjam

She gave me a present just before I left

a rainbow for me !!!

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4 opmerkingen:

  1. Isn't it amazing how that happens? Serendipity is wonderful...

  2. Wat heb je dat mooi geschreven Els.... Ik heb het precies zo ervaren; wat fijn en bijzonder hè?! Jij ook heeeeel erg bedankt voor alles, ik kom gauw een keertje jouw kant op voor een vervolg :-), liefs van Mirjam.

  3. Oh how wonderful! Lovely to meet your bloggie friends, isn't it! One day, Els I shall pop across and meet up with YOU! And wow, that BEAUTIFUL wool - I have ONE BALL of this myself, beckoning to me, but I have no idea what to do with it! Enjoy! Lxx