zaterdag 28 september 2013


Two little pieces in progress

One is backed with very thin dark blue cloth
and the other one with some old bed sheet.
I stitched on both, but though the sheet was very old
it isn't easy stitching through that ...
(won't use it again)

Making the star "shine" was the first thing to do 
after glue-stitching (basting) everything together. 

I love the light shining through this very thin piece :

sunshine and starshine !

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Beautiful little pieces! I once covered a handmade quilt (made originally of animal print sheets) and had to hand stitch a new wide binding on it...arrrrggghhh, it was nearly impossible to sew by hand!

  2. so pretty with or without the light shining through. love all that blue. there are so many pretty patterned bed sheets but not worth the struggle with the needle.

  3. Transparency of the finest kind, Els.

  4. I agree with the sheet stitching! I've taken a break from patching crib sheets!! Love these colors...reminds me of a winter's night :)