zaterdag 14 september 2013

block ?

We probably all know that there's something
that's called a "writer's-block"
But, could there also be a 
"stitcher's block
Well I think there might be such a thing !

I have this to-do list
with several felting and stitching items on it :
things I promised to do
things I planned to do 
things I need to finish
(before September rushed by)

and all the time  ..... nothing happened !

Not that I did nothing at all
in fact I did a lot of fun things :
I read books
I knitted 
(and knitted, and knitted, and knitted)
(very thin yarn, bat wing sleeves, 3mm needles)
I visited a friend
but ..... nothing from my list !!!

after making a yummy dinner with home-made pasta
grilled vegetables, home-made pesto and salmon

I all of a sudden made a start with one of my stitching projects 

This a woven base for something I promised to do for someone

I think I'm in the mood again
yeaaaah !

4 opmerkingen:

  1. wow, loving that quilting project! sometimes we just have to let everything go and forget about it so the ideas can rise up to the surface.

  2. Aah fijn! Soms moet je "gewoon" beginnen met iets hè, en dan komt die flow vanzelf weer....

  3. het zit in de lucht...volgens mij heb ik jou ook iets beloofd maar ik weet niet meer wat...

  4. Yay for getting started again! And for doing other somethings too :) I still have Yvette's project barely started from my blog give away in May!!! Now that is NOT getting things done!