maandag 16 november 2015

I learned a lot ... (post 555)

Last Friday and Saturday I was in Amersfoort
for the long awaited workshop with

I admired her felt work for a loooong time,
so I was glad to be able to attend her workshop !
Because it was a two day workshop,
I could stay with my brother and his wife who live near Amersfoort :
mmmmmm ... just to come home after a long felting day
and have diner right away.
what a luxury !

The first day was used for a lot of explaning of different techniques and layers
and all of us began the lay-out of a big shawl.
We had lunch, coffee tea and talked a lot about our plans.

On the second day the actual felting could begin,
we had another lunch, lots more coffee and tea
and gradually more and more shawls were nearly finished.
We tried them on 
(still wet, which isn't very comfortable ... !)
with a little helping hand of the "master"

And when you look at the smiles :

HAPPY with the result !
(but not yet finished : a lot of stitching and a button are still needed)

Then there was still enough time left for some of us
to give the arm warmers a try ...
(I used some gorgeous handdeyed wool of Adrian for them !)

They were still wet, but finished.
Totally dry at the end of Sunday I could start with the stitching :

uhhhhhm : a bit like Swiss cheese ...
only a different colour !

I'm sure I'll make these warmers 
(or the other pattern ) again some other time !


I had a wonderful time
and learned  A  LOT !

9 opmerkingen:

  1. So lovely, I do like your stitching on felt, you have such a good feeling for colours and forms!

  2. Så spännande att tova och du måste haft underbara dagar. Vackert blev det

  3. such a workshop is always like a little fresh air - great inspirations.

  4. Such beautiful work! Those colours are gorgeous. I particularly love the purple gloves, makes my heart skip a beat! xx

  5. you had a productive the gloves too, they're fabulous.

  6. Heel mooi en inderdaad prachtige wol van Adrian

  7. lovely! and so beautiful colors!
    warm greetings from Paris!

  8. You certainly had a very busy and productive day. I bet you were tired.