maandag 30 november 2015

"Katia's" shawl

The shawl I made in Katia's workshop
was nearly finished when I took it home.
I knew I wanted to do some stitching with the machine
(like Katia herself does)
and also some stitching by hand.

But when trying it on when it was totally dry
made me realize I didn't like the way it lay around my neck.
I like it because it's beautiful
but I also want it to be comfortable and warm !
I had my doubts about making it wet again
and trying to shrink it some more
in the right place
I decided against that 
but made some very narrow pleats instead !
That just did the trick  ;-)

The pleats (that you can see at the back of the collar)
take enough of the extra space away
so now it fits much better.

I'm very happy with the way the silk
(habotai and chiffon)
that Fiona handdyed for me some time ago merges into the wool.
The habotai took a bit more effort 
(uhhhhm ..... a sander) 
but it looks very nice !

The "button" was in fact a mother of pearl disc
with only one big hole .....
so I put a little felted ball on top.

(for the inside of the machine stitching
I used the same rayon thread 
but only in a dark turquoise colour so you hardly notice it)

Very happy !

Thanks again Katia !

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Hartstikke mooi Els! Ziet er heerlijk behaaglijk uit.... Liefs, Mirjam.

  2. Wonderful, Els!! The colour and all those details, I´m looking forward to see it "live" ;o)

  3. You are beautiful wearing this lovely shawl! Oh my gosh, I love the colors and the pleating technique is genius.

  4. Wowie!
    Mijn schoonzusje zei over je werk...dat vind ik nu echt mooi vilt....

    Arme ik