zaterdag 31 oktober 2020

day 31 . . . the end

Today is the end of this month,
the end of my PINK  RIBBON Challenge
of making a Textile Jewel every day for sale,
to collect money
that can be used for more research
into better treatment methods and aftercare
for breast cancer patients.

Too many women (and also men!)
get the diagnosis that turns their lives
(and that of their family and friends)
upside down>
So help is needed.

I hope we did help :
me, by taking the time and creativity
to make a Textile Jewel every day,
and you, my dear customers,
by buying them so eagerly !


My last  PINK RIBBON  Textile Jewel for day 31 :

a wet felted pendant, wearable on both sides, on a long textile bead
with a nuno-felted silk moon,
stitched with silk and silver thread,
and many beads,
on a wire necklace (46 cm  ,  18.1")
(7 x 5 cm)

For a donation of at least

  € 15,-  

 SOLD  !

this last day's Jewel can be yours!
You can wear it yourself,
or give it as a present to a much loved person.
You just need to
(yes,  I know you know by now)
send me an email at  
(or say so in the comments under this post)
and all will be arranged !
(Paypal is possible and easy
but mind the postage)

ALL the money goes to the Pink Ribbon Fund !

(also a blue moon on this day !)


The end of the garden

the fantastic Gingko biloba

Though this was the last day's Jewel
there are still three
which have apparently been overlooked
day  13
day  22
day  28
Please don't forget them !

(Day 17, 23 and 24 have already been snatched up
and will go to London soon !)


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