dinsdag 4 januari 2022

new work

I started this year with some felting.
The end of last year I got the Lily-necklace workshop
of Anikó Boros as a present.
I've admired her beautiful work for quite some time.
(I think she learned a lot from Judit Pócs)

(I knew already how to embed stones in felt
and then made my own version, just trying to figure out a lot
But it was not as "clean" as I wanted it
so this present was a welcome excuse to start all over again

First I did a simple necklace using a lot of small pebbles
and another one with a pendant with one stone,
but just now I made the one I had been thinking about,
for my firekeeper daughter !

I'm very happy how it turned out !
(More so because I made a major mistake when I made the last "coat"
and nearly couldn't open up the golden stone inside !!!)

A LOT of work, but totally worth it !

for a wonderful workshop !

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Your necklaces turned out great. Aniko is a great teacher. Great student.

    1. ((Gitte)) danke dir !
      Ein SUPERworkshop !!! (die süchtig macht hahaha !) Ich hab noch mehr vor und werde noch so manches ausprobieren !!! (auch deiner Anregung nach
      :-) )

  2. I love these Els, so beautiful and very you. You have the talent to do a workshop with another artist but produce work that speaks of you rather than just mimicking :-)

    1. ((Kat)) yes, you're right mimicking isn't really me :-)