donderdag 27 januari 2022

stitching again

After so many days (weeks) of felting
I thought it was time for some Stitch Club work again !

Another wonderful artist
Monique Day- Wilde
gave her best in a SC workshop !

It took me some time to clear all the wool bits off my work table
because this workshop started with paint !

We all made a lot of prints
(with plants or with anything else)
and made a collage
that I later stitched on

The really fun part was choosing colours
for the stitching after the composition
was finally (!) to my liking
(MAKING the collage took quite some time
and squinting what print was best where !)

(couched threads)

The collage, before any stitching was done

What a fun workshop !
Definitely something I will explore more in the future ! 

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