zondag 30 januari 2022

better . . .

It's always best when you make something
to leave it, standing alone
where you can see it from time to time
. . . . .
Often you know after a while
that there is still something
that need to be added,
or altered.

I was not totally satisfied
with my print-and-stitch collage.
The white tissue paper with the printed twig
was definitely too white
and drew the eye too much

So today
out came : my wonderful, much loved Karisma pencils !

(ohhhhh I'm still so sad that they don't make them anymore
and so many pencils (of the 72) are so very short !!!)

Done ! and with an extra bit of sunshine
to see the stitching better !

Now and then, next to each other

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I loved this the first time you posted it, but you are right, it is even better now, that extra colour has just balanced the composition out. Such a small change, but what a difference

    1. ((Kat)) Monique makes such lovely work you should look her up ! It worked great, even mishap prints can be used . . . Finding a good balance in a design is not always easy, I knew something was off, but looking at it for a day or too helped.

  2. Yes you are right, it looks perfect now! Love it.