zondag 19 februari 2023

spring garden inspiration

Just a little bit of sunshine
and every little spring flower
turns its face to the sun !

So when a next Stitch Club workshop arrives
(by Yvette Phillips )
it makes sense the garden is where I look for inspiration !!!

To "stitch a collection" 
 brought me to the actual ingredients
that I need to start stitching some piece.

After many many days with tiny stitches
this is the end result

(stapled to a 15 x 15 cm wooden frame) 

8 opmerkingen:

  1. (((Els))) you look after the most beautifuk garden & your stitched snowdrop is superb!
    PS excuse the above & delete if possible?

    1. ((Mo)) done ! Thanks, and it is all growing by itself !!! Wish I could send you some seeds, but that isn´t allowed I think. It was fun to make such a fragile flower a bit more durable . . . Always am tempted to take a few into the house, though sadly they never last long

  2. This is so beautifully composed and so carefully wrought ... I love the ladybug above all ... Liz A

    1. (sorry for blogger´s `fun`, Liz) You can imagine how tempting the garden is for inspiration !!!

  3. What beautiful snowdrops, both real and stitched and those embroidery tools! Wow, I had to look very closely to see that they were composed of stitches. Your garden is looking wonderful, and so many lovely flowers to greet the early spring sunshine

    1. Haha ((Kat)) I know : some folks in Stitch Club said the same thing about the safety pins !!! Spring gardens are always so rewarding after months of brown and gray !