donderdag 23 november 2023

23 - 11 - '23

Oh my, this month goes fast !
But in Stitch Club there was a fun workshop
by Maggie Scott
that included some wet felting !
Maggie is a great artist with beautiful
and meaningful work,
and she gave us a workshop combining
the African "Kuba" cloth and Katha stitching.

This time I had to felt with rather course wool
and that is something I don't do a lot.
(and let me tell you :
I won't be doing it again soon !)

I had a bag with dark brown wool,
some Norwegian, some very course white wool
and some white wool I used for stuffing the Waldorf dolls I made.

I was lucky that I put some of the white course wool
at the back of the dark brown, because that had VERY short fibers !
Despite that, I ended up with quite some holes, 
so I had a repair job to do with my felting needle !!!

For the shapes on top I used my normal (industrial) needle felt
and I put some sari silk threads on the surface. 
The other "problem" was that it hardly shrunk after felting !!!

Now the next step will be some stitching.

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