vrijdag 17 november 2023

back to Stitch Club

After all this time felting and stitching
for my Pink Ribbon challenge
I finally have time (and energy) again
to join in with one of the Stitch Club workshops,
this time by Dionne Swift

I've "known" her work
for quite some time and like the way
she uses the sewing machine.
Her way of transforming a landscape
into a line drawing
and later into machine stitch
is far more abstract than mine will ever be,
but I loved the workshop.

The translation of a photo I picked from the net
(thanks, unknown photographer)
in colour, after I first did one in only black and gray.
(I LOVE it when rapeseed colours the edges of the roads
at the end of April !)

The first try

Well . . . colour is more me

And the sunny yellow of the rapeseed
was no coincidence when you see
the bright Ginkgo in our garden !!!

This was last Saturday,
with still a hint of green
. . . . .
today it is golden
and leaves are falling already !

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Soooo beautiful, I love the delicacy of your machine stitching, it gives a real feeling of sketching. An ohhh, ginko. I have a little one which has been growing in a pot for fifteen years or more, and every autumn I love that shading from green through to the clear yellow just before the leaves drop

    1. ((Kat)) it was such fun thread-painting again !!! I even did a very small one of 4.5 x 7 cm which I made into a brooch, these first ones were 10 x 15 cm.
      Our Ginkgo is such a beauty and I love that the crown isn't as dense as other trees (because we have just a small garden !) . . . and I have one in a pot too :-)

  2. So beautiful Els! The color and light are amazing. You may enjoy some of the stitched pieces in this video (part way through). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ddt6b73w3I

    1. Thanks ((Nancy))
      (yes : changing the thread many times :-) !)