vrijdag 12 april 2024

a colourful day

Yesterday I went to the "Patchwork & Quilt Days"
in Rijswijk near The Hague.
Though I can't say I'm a quilter anymore,
(I quit the Dutch Quilters Guild years ago)
I booked a workshop "gelli plate printing on textile" there !
(and . . . I urged myself nót to buy any more fabric :
my own little "shop" at home is filled to the brim !!!)

I didn't like the very thin layers, I more like stronger colours
but I surely need to do a LOT more playing with this :
I love the possibilities !

It was a good day to show off 
my new earrings
specially made to match the green brooch I showed earlier

It is so much fun to use wire inside the felt to shape it !

I also had a nice talk to a blogging friend, Els Mommers,
that lives half a world away at Saba !
She had her own art and many of the gorgeous Mola's she sells.
(I bought two from her a few tears ago)

It was a really FUN day !!!


The garden right now is

Too warm, but also lots of rain makes
that you see the change every single day.

This was a few days ago, before some heavy rain washed
most away of the flowers !

The ground is covered in green "grass" :
the leaves of all the allium and bluebells that are
mostly still in bud.
But soon the garden will be BLUE !!!
Though some white ones were early instead
and the Ginkgo leaves are bigger each day.

The early clematis is hiding part of the fence.

And because there are soooo many solomon's seal
I cut some of for indoors

I DO love spring !!!!!


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