woensdag 24 april 2024

24 - 4 - '24 : un-perfect 10 grams

Today I joined a small fun felting group :
the "un-perfect  10 grams" group

I had seen some of their work already
and thought that it would be nice to join them . . .
and just then, I was invited to take part !

Every now and then they set each other a challenge
using ONLY 10 grams of wool
What kind of wool or what colour
is up to one's own personal choice.
This time there were two more instructions :
- use a resist triangle no bigger than A4
- use NO SOAP at all when felting 
Hmmmm, some will raise their eyebrows
felting ? and not using any soap ? is that possible ?

Well I know one thing for sure
on the steppes of Kazakhstan or Uzbekistan (?)
nomadic people make big rugs with lots of wool,
water and indeed : no soap at all !!!
(and they roll it behind a horse for some time as well, haha)

That's the amount of wool allowed
About 5.50 grams was red, the rest orange and pink in equal bits.

One side laid with half the red on the edges and pink in the center
turned and ready for the layers on side two.
One thing that really struck me was
the difficulty getting the wool WET through and through !!!
Normally just a tiny bit of soap does the trick very easily.

Gently rubbing with pressure and the tiniest of movement
under a sheet of bubble wrap
did the trick much easier than thought !

I removed the resist through a tiny slit
and closed this with my normal linen thread
Than more rolling (in cloth) and shaping
and soon after that it was done !

My finished piece
(I'll probably add some stitching when dry !)

The fun part was that tonight I met the other group members
in a special ZOOM meeting
where we told how things went,
good tips and some frustrations and showed the finished goodies.
Such different end products !!!

Thanks ladies
it was fun meeting you all and a fun challenge too !
On to the next meeting, in June !

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