donderdag 4 april 2024

new fun

Last Saturday we had a fun workshop
by Saar Snoek
(a young Dutch felting artist)
with members of the Dutch felting society

We made leaves or flowers with thin stems
and she had a fun headdress to show off the technique.
I made two simple leaves then.
I always need some time to let things stew
. . . . .
but today I came up with a brooch using
that same technique in it.

Making the thin flower stems into some decorative swirls !
Of course I could have stitched them on
but for felters the fun is always to make it in one go :
no needle and thread needed !

Nearly there . . .

These were some of the results of the members on Saturday,
a lot of colourful leaves and flowers

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Love those twirly tendrils and you have such a fabulous sense of colour (((Els)))

    1. Thanks ((Mo)) Now I look at the picture it almost looks like a fancy hairdo haha ! (must find thinner wire . . .)

  2. Yours looks like Spring captured in the rollercoaster that is weather changes (at least from this Spring point of view!) The flowers are just the best colors!

    1. Thanks ((Nancy)) spring is exploding here ! (rain and sunshine, it's just the same here too)