woensdag 19 juni 2024

un-perfect 10

On June 12 the little group of felters
that challenge each other to make something fun
out of 10 grams of wool met per "zoom"
to show the results of that time.
Petra, one of the members loves to make "zentangles"
and one of those was the inspiration for all of us.

I studied that particular drawing a long time
but couldn't get around the "construction" of it.

Well : inspiration doesn't mean you have to follow exactly . . . so
I chose "woven" as my theme.

Though it was said to be 2D, I thought it was fun to make it 3D !

With this one, I was very early
though I thought I was awfully late !
(hmmm, wrong date, because I scribbled something
on the note that had the right date, so the "1" disappeared   :-D !!!)
That meant time enough to give it another go
Again with "woven"
and, I wanted a more open structure.

A Celtic knot was just what I was looking for !
BUT in the end I didn't like that all of it
felted together . . .

So these two were what I had for the show and tell

But today
number three was born !
Another Celtic knot, though I used other colours.
(limited by the things in my stash !)

More to my liking !

The blue knot is as big as the first attempt I made
The red one is bigger but thinner.

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