woensdag 25 mei 2011


Again I gave a little felting workshop today
and three satisfied ladies went home in the afternoon.
(Sorry, totally forgot to take pictures)

After a LOT of rolling on Sunday,
we (daughter and I) went on throwing on Monday ...

and un-doing stitches ...

measuring and rinsing ...

and dripping ....

Unfortunately it was already too dry when I took it inside.
So :
the next day outside again and trying to flatten it out
with hot water.

We succeeded and it could dry completely inside.

Making a felted rug isn't easy !!!!!
(no, sorry I don't have the last photo: daughter took it with her,
to the Festival she is going to tomorrow,
very proud by the way !!!)

She also had some of the "Spirit Power" necklaces finished

(We are very proud of her)

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Proud for good reasons! I am so impressed by the felt-work, wish I could have taken your workshop. XXoo, sus

  2. Wow...this is amazing (and a lot of elbow grease needed!!!). Do you roll this all with your rolling pin between those sheets of plastic??? What a mamoth job, but how stunningly beautiful. Was this rug inspired by the sun,moon,stars whispering?

  3. oh, i love this rug idea... never tried wet felting, so impressive on such a large scale.

  4. Wow!!!That is AMAZING. I don't have the right to show off my teeny prefelted efforts!

  5. woooo!!!! it´s amazing! what a lovely design! congratulations to you and your daughter!!