zondag 15 mei 2011

mandala wednesday

(Well Blogger is still acting funny: this was a post I did
last Wednesday  May 11, and had to repair, but now jumped to Sunday ???)

Second Wednesday in the month
is mandala day,
sorry to say, that it was our last one
(for now)

This season
(that is September, October, November and December
of last year and Februari, March, April and May this year)
the subject for each evening was
animals of power
(or the power of animals ?)

Tonight was the dolfin

The other animals were :
snake, salmon, bear, owl, horse, wolf and eagle.

For a dear internet friend who was very ill 
I made a small mandala which I send to her
(I hope it has arrived safely in the US)

for Herm

And today my brother was a Birthday "boy"
He said he is going to count backwards
(for the last two years already)
that's more favourable, he thinks ....!

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  1. They are both beautiful. I can see you have been enjoying the stitching process - Lovely! xoxo Nat