zondag 8 mei 2011

mother's day well spent

Mother's day is the day that I like to visit
the spring garden fair in
Arboretum Trompenburg
 in Rotterdam

Our garden is overflowing
but ...
there is always that tiny spot where there is room
for that special plant you always wanted !

So, with my dearest garden friend, I went te Rotterdam
this beautiful sunny morning.

There are some special nurseries with the most beautiful plants.

But this time of the year is the best moment to admire
the huge collection Rhododendrons they have
in the Arboretum.
They have them in e v e r y colour !
From white, all pinks, red, orange, yellow, to the deepest purple.
(real blue is the only exeption)

really amazing colours

(I don't tink I said too much)

But there are also many, many other beautiful trees

After coffee and cake in the dappled shade under the trees
we went home very satisfied in the afternoon
with some bags with plants.

A mother's day well spent!

(Hey .... I hear it's finally raining now! At last! It has been very dry lately :
the gardens (and the farmers) will love that)

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