zaterdag 14 mei 2011

whispering .....

In May Jude Hill started a new "Whispering"
It's a beautiful concept :
she picks a subject for possible new work and
lets you in on all her thoughts, try outs
and techniques so that you can enjoy seeing how she works
and use it in your own work
as you are trying to work along with this 
"Master in Cloth and Stitch"
that Jude is.
Whispering in May is called
Sun, Moon, Stars

As an appetizer I started in April with a star

which now looks like this.

After some serious thoughts about the sun/moon/stars subject
and the possibilities for the composition and background,
Jude showed how to discharge dark cloth, simply with bathroom cleaner,
to make moons and stars.
That was so much fun that I had to try that
and started a dark blue cloth.

Jude is known for her "What-iffing"
so I asked myself (like her)
"What if the moon was a square ?"
I had some whitish inchies nine patches that I used
some time ago to make Biscornu's,
(the funny shaped pincushions Eva makes)

But the square didn't last long : SHE must be round I think

So here is my moon : round again


Just as I nearly finished this post yesterday Blogger went "dead"
nothing to post, nothing to comment at friends' blogs
ánd worst of all :
I thought I had to start aaaaaalllll over again with this one !
So I was very happy when I realized 10 minutes ago
that not all had gone lost !

(oops ... and now I see it's already Saterday ...)

5 opmerkingen:

  1. it's still friday here in texas. i just love your treatment of the square moon. you made it round with stitches but i love that you can still see that it started out square.

  2. Weer prachtig werk Els! zijn jullie al lang met deze workshop bezig?

  3. It's been a troublesome week at Blogger! Hope it's all fixed now. Love what you are doing with Jude's class. I'm very sorry not to be participating this time around.

  4. Love the work you are creating for Jude's class. I'm following along too, but at the moment I'm just observing and soaking up all the wonderful ideas I haven't made a stitch yet!

  5. the stitching around the moon is very effective!