zondag 31 juli 2011

eco dyeing

While Connie gave some good and simple instructions
I made a fresh start with my eco-dyeing adventure.
It really is a matter of trial and error for me,
error it was, most of the time to be honest.

I hardly ever get the bright and sharp prints I see with others
but, I'm still going strong and trying again.

The picture of my Sanguisorba gave Connie the idea
that I might give it a go with thát one.
I also took some flowers of the red Persicaria (syn. Polygonum)
and the little yellow ones, fallen of the Verbascum
and some green leaves.

I had some silk, with chiffon on top,
and some strips of the etamine (wool) and cotton scrim
I used at Pam's workshop, which had not much colour on them.

In the front garden I found a lovely dark red Alcea (hollyhock)
that gave good colour at Pam's.
( the hollyhock was hidden and I hadn't noticed it,
while the bigger plant was all eaten by those nasty slugs or snails )

So, ready for the steam pot

They went in there for half an hour
and I let them cool down over night in a plastic bag.

This morning I hoped for the "aaaaah"- moment ......

... which I got !!!

( The green leaves didn't do anything at all !
The orange colour in the right bottom photo is from the first onion skin dye bath,
while the reddish swirls in the bottom piece in the same photo
are from sari silk threads
I got from generous Siets in the dye / felt workshop )

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Just surfing blogs while trying to stay cool and happened upon yours. Your textile work/play is very lovely and your felting is also. And I'm quite envious of your garden!
    best, nadia

  2. Go Els, I'm glad you are not given up with eco-dyes. It's a lot of fun! Trial and error for all of us too even India Flint. Your results is not too bad. I would pack more of leaves or flowers into the bundles. Did you see my quilt on SEW? If not please check it out under Nat on SEW blog. I would like you to see it because when you put all the pieces together they come out great!

  3. Yeah! Els!! I am glad you had an 'aaahhh' from flower dyeing - you inspire me to try some of the elderberries here on the beach (before the ravens eat them all up)! love, sus

  4. Awesome, Els! So you hot bundled with the purple flowers and got great results. India recommends freezing flowers, especially blue and purple flowers, to get great color. But now I'm inspired to try steaming them as you did! Thanks!

  5. patience, time is your friend as India says (for the green leaves)

  6. these cloths look amazing Els...really beautiful....and I agree, my paper does look like a stamp has been pushed out.