donderdag 28 juli 2011

pots of gold

This day day started gray and clouded.
I had to feed our daughter's cats for a day
so went away in a dress, legging and a jacket.
Then I visited a friend and it was already getting really warm. 
I ate my late lunch in the garden
and had to change my clothes because it was hot in the sun.
At dinner time the sun was still shining brightly
but there was a distant rumbling of thunder
and heavy rain came pouring down !

You know they say there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow ?
Well ...

I think we definately were at the end of the rainbow
and in that pot of gold !!!

This afternoon I recieved a package with scraps I ordered
from Connie :
a little plastic bag ful of leftovers of her hand dyed fabric.
I layed them all out on the floor after ironing
( to see how big things are I have my own toes on the photo )

and a closer look

Don't you agree : another pot of gold !!!
Thanks Connie !

Me, with my new ultramarine felted "Dragon" waistband

... or ...

should I say "Dragon" collar

4 opmerkingen:

  1. That collar cum waistband is gorgeous. Thanks for the link, so glad you like the bag of scraps. Look forward to seeing how they show up in your work!

  2. oooohhh!!! i LOVE your dragon waistband/collar, Els - and the bag 'o scraps from Connie Rose IS really a pot o' gold. love, sus

  3. I love all your hand dyed goodies. Lots to play with. Have fun Els - hugs Nat

  4. I love your dragon - it works well as collar and waistband!