woensdag 20 juli 2011

finally !

Just one week ago that I had my first day (of two)
of Pam's workshop at Dorie's place.
Dorie doesn't live close by
so I was very pleased that I could stay for two nights 
with my long-time friend Anita, and having time to chat too.
( her house is only a five-minute-drive away from Nes a/d Amstel,
so I didn't have to get up really early! )

It was so nice, gathering up with a bunch of creative women
and a lovely teacher in a place where there was
room enough to hold a big party !
Unfortunately the weather was very bad on both days
but inside there was fun !
I'm new to eco-dyeing so I didn't know exactly what plants to bring
but others had enough and would give me some
so there was no problem.

It was kind of magic !!!
but I must say my results could have been better ...
although on the silk they were fine

We all worked very hard and made a lot of bundles :
... a tent full of them !

The next day we had to decide what pattern to use
and to start stitching all the bits and pieces together :
that had to be finished by lunchtime ...
( .... nobody actually was .... )

After lunch some of us started felting.
And now I must confess : I was faaaaar too hasty
and didn't do a very good job.
That's why I wasn't very pleased with the
first fiiting session with Pam ...
... but she gave me a lot of good advice and on I went !

There was a dye pot ready for a final dye of the garment ...
but no one was ready for thát
so Dorie cut up some pieces of her own silk and needle felt
and made good use of it !!!

I must say that it took me some time after I got back home
to view the results of this workshop.
And, when I'm completely honest, I had hoped for a bit more colour
that I actually had got ...
( there wasn't very much "rainbow" there !!!) 
Btw, I got some lovely advice from Kaite, for the néxt dyeing session !
( Thanks Kaite !!! )

So after a LOT of hesitating and thinking
I finally finished the little vest today !
yeaaaaaah !

I roughed up the already half felted (!) parts with a woolcomb
( especially the edges that had to be folded over )
and put an extra layer ón or únder them
of the coloured needle felt I still had left.
... it worked quite well I'm glad to say !

Then I did some serious felting
( this time without haste ! )

and finally :

I could try it on !!!

( I don't have a tailor's dummy so I had to be the dummy myself,
wich was nót too nice because it was still quite damp
and although the sun was shining it was quite clammy and cold after a while ....
but now it's drying on the table ...! )

for being such a wonderful teacher !

4 opmerkingen:

  1. i'm impressed. you did a great job and in such a short period of time.

  2. and alls well that ends well, you can be very proud to wear that hand dyed and felted vest. i'll bet it will be warm too.

  3. I think it looks amazing. Remember you can dye up some more threads and continue to work those surfaces. Thanks so much for the photos